April, 10 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Lebanon s arms dealing company Brescia Middle East is the main source of illegal arms trade on the dark web

Terrorism can only be eliminated from the conflict countries if corrupt businessmen like Tony Abi Saab can be stopped in their atrocious deeds

The dark web is a place which facilitates the illegal sales of firearms, weapons, explosives and banned digital products that provide guides on “home-made” explosives and weapons. It is also a potential source of diversion of illegal weapons to the rebel groups.

Tony Abi Saab is one such dreadful international arms dealer, who is executing the devious business of supplying guns and weapons in conflict regions. He owns numerous shell companies in different parts of the world, to name a few: In Italy: ARMERIA AMELIO GAMBA Srl, INTESA SANPAOLO S.P.A., Benelli Armi, franchi division, Fiocchi munizione, Armeria brignoli silvio & c snc , BLS — Germany: Umarex gmbh & co KG — France: Noble france sa — Turkey: Osmanli Arms, ISTANBUL and KONYA, KOMANDO AV SAN TIC LTD, ATA Av tufekleri — Bangladesh: Emran arms, — East Europe and Russia: Kula Ltd., Tiblisi - Georgia, LOBASTOV IVAN, Baikal Ltd, Izhevsk city, Russia, Arsenal, Bulgaria, MSN and CSG Group, Czech Republic, Berkut Ltd, Ukraine and Brasil: Codor.

Tony used these shell companies to obtain tender from the US Army by hiding the real identity of the company and had also used them to grow his illegal business of supplying weapons to the terrorists in return of the tax-free amount of money. He also did 5 million USD frauds with the Army. These names were out after extensive research carried out by the US investigation teams.

In 2011, Abi Saab was caught red-handed with valuable documents and hard cash by the US Army, FBI, and CIA while he was in Afghanistan. He was flown back to Washington to stand a trial. Sadly, he was released without serving a single day jail term and a huge amount of money as a penalty, this happened because he pleaded Human Rights violation and error in collecting evidence.

The illegal sales of weapons on the dark web are a huge barrier for the law enforcement agencies for maintaining peace in the war-stricken countries. The policymakers need to ensure that proper regulatory frameworks are implemented which can put a stop on the illegal trade of weapons going on the wrong hands.

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